The Irregulars is a spying group formed by Ananka Fishbein, Kiki Strike, Betty Bent, DeeDee Morlock, Luz Lopez, Oona Wong and Iris McLeod.


The irregulars

Kiki Strike meets Luz Lopez at Girl Scouts, where Luz presents her latest project, bugging her neighbor's house to find out who wrecked her mother's flowers.

DeeDee Morlock is discovered at Girl Scouts when Ananka Fishbein and Kiki Strike attend the Girl Scout meeting and see that her hair is half singed off because of a chemistry experiment gone wrong.

Betty Bent was found in disguise at yet another Girl Scout meeting. The girls in the troop thought that Ananka was Betty. Betty had never been seen undisguised for three years.

Oona Wong was Kiki's friend for years. She's the hacker and counterfeit expert, who always picks the lock at Ananka's door. Kiki met her when she needed fake papers to get into the Shadow City.

Iris McLeod became an Irregular a few years later. She was younger than the other Irregulars, but Kiki saw potential in her, and after saving Kiki's life, she was granted membership.