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Also known as "The Princess", she's the exiled princess of Pokrovia and Queen Livia Galatzina's daughter. She wants to kill Kiki Strike to make sure Kiki can't kill her first, and is rather petty and clever. She even bosses around her supposed 'best friend', Naomi Throgmorton. After Livia sells most of the royal jewels, Sidonia starts wearing a fake ring in place of a real one with a pink diamond in the center. This ring's very important to the story in book one.

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Sidonia Galatzina


14 (Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City), 16 (Kiki Strike and the Empress' Tomb)


Livia Galatzina (mother), Kiki Strike (cousin), Princess Sophia (aunt)

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Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City

She's Kiki Strike's cousin. Being the leader of The Five, a group of rich heiresses, she has personal reign over the Atlanta School for Girls. She enjoys tormenting the lowly scholarship girls and putting down the rich girls who want to steal her throne. Although this seems to be a mask for the real evil inside her.

Physical appearanceEdit

Described by many as the picture of innocence and beauty, Sidonia has gorgeous fair skin, curly black hair and yellow snake eyes. Her appearance is almost the exact opposite of Kiki's---hinting at a budding evil inside of the Princess.


Sidonia's of royal blood. Her mother is the exiled Queen of Pokrovia, but only became the queen because she had murdered her older sister, Princess Sophia, so she could become the queen. She's at the top of the social ladder at the Atalanta School for Girls. Although this seems unclear to others, Sidonia's an evil mastermind. She wishes to follow in her mother's footsteps, which, unfortunately, starts with Kiki Strike. After failing at killing Kiki and her friends, she flees New York City.