Oona Wong


12 (Inside the Shadow City) and 14 (the Empress' Tomb), 14 (The darkness Dwellers)


Lester Liu (father), unnamed mother (deceased), Mrs. Fei ("grandmother") and (Lillian)twin sister

Occupation on the Irregulars

Hacker and Lock picker.

Eye Color


Hair Color


First Appearence

Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City

Personal LifeEdit

Oona is a hacker and can forge birth certificates, driving licenses, and even illegal maps, in fact just about anything. She is a very elegant, but also a kind of assertive girl. She is also blunt, which she gets from her guardian Mrs. Fei, and sometimes rude and a little loud, though she means the best. Oona has her own nail salon, The Golden Lotus, which pays very well, and is very, very popular. However, she does even more than what seems to be happening in the salon, because the rich clients believe that the salon girls do not understand English. This leads them to discuss everything with their friends, and Oona picks up much information that often eventually helps her get more money by selling said information. Her job in the group when in the Shadow City is to pick locks and forge documents whe needed, as well as helping explore like all the others.

It is later revealed,on the second book that Oona is the disowned daughter of Lester Liu who starts contacting her. They become close, much to the other girls's dismay which is proven to be a trap from her father, who tries to kill her by giving her tubocuranine and placing her body inside the Traitor Empress' coffin. The Irregulars save her by switching the drug with tap water, so that Oona would keep her consciousness during the Empress Awakens premiere. The original plan fails, but in the end Oona succeeds and even makes the front page of the paper.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Oona has the typical Chinese appearance of fair skin and black hair. They describe her as doll-like and elegant in the book. She is usually caked in make-up, like that of Barbie. Her body is thin and the form of a ballerina's.