Luz Lopez


12 (Inside the Shadow City), 14 (Empress' Tomb)

Occupation on the irregulars


Eye Color

Olive Green

Hair Color


First Apperance

Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City

Personal LifeEdit

Luz Lopez is the 'electro-genius' (inventor). She has installed a fire extinguisher for DeeDee's expulsions, which saves Deedee's life many times. Although Luz is innocent, she has a criminal record which she is often worried about. She is very poor, but more than meets the eye, since according to Kiki, her family's possessions were taken when she moved from Cuba. She lives with her mom but owns a building where she keeps her extensive lab. In book one, DeeDee mentions that Luz is dating a boy caled 'Attila', and Luz later mentions him, but he isn't even talked about in book two and Ananka never meets him face-to-face.

(Pronouncing Luz: either LUZZ or LOOZ. LOOZ LOE-PEZ)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Luz is Spanish-American. Her family originated from Cuba. She has long, reddish curly hair that is often pulled back in a ponytail. Luz often appears sullen, and Ananka once observes that she has 'a little pot-belly'.


DeeDee MorlockEdit

She is good friends with DeeDee, but often clashes with her, quick to point out the fact that DeeDee is much more well off and privileged than she.

Oona WongEdit

Luz and Oona fight constantly specially because of Oona's sarcasm and Luz's bad-humour. On the end of book two, however, Oona says the irregulars are her best and only friends.


"The idea that Luz Lopez had been the victim of a robbery, particularly by wildlife, was staggering. Her surly disposition usually succeeded in keeping most people and animals at a distance."

- Ananka after Luz is attacked by Kaspar's squirrels.

Luz is very brave and loyal, as well as very talented and clever, although she can show some very explosive behaviour. She has a very short temper and can be a bit rude when she wants to, but that doesn't change the fact that she's always willing to help and is very loyal. According to Ananka, she has a "surly disposition" that keeps most people away. She is pretty greedy. In The Shadow City, Luz thought that Kiki Strike took the gold, when Kiki actually didn't.