Personal LifeEdit

"A power-hungry monarch with a penchant for tacky home furnishings, Livia Galatzina had poisened her older sister's entire family in order to ascend the throne of the tiny European kingdom of Pokrovia. Kiki Strike, Livia's unfortunate niece, was saved by Verushka Kozlova, a member of the Royal Guard. After the people of Pokrovia gave Livia the boot, she moved to New York. Kiki and Verushka soon followed, intent on revenge."

- A brief biography of Livia written by Ananka .

The mother of Sidonia "the Princess" Galatzina, and the exiled queen of Pokrovia. On the eve of her sister's coronation as the Queen of Pokrovia, Livia ordered Sergei Molotov to posion Princess Sophia's dinner along with the dinner of her brother-in-law and her niece, Katarina (aka, Kiki Strike). She managed to get her sister and brother-in-law, but her niece was saved by Verushka Kozlova, a former member of the Pokrovian royal guard, making Livia furious.

Livia and her daughter, Sidonia, fled to New York City. They were very rich and lived in a lodging house near Iris McLeod's home, and Sidonia attended the Atalanta School for Girls, the best all-girls private school in Manhattan. However, their luck eventually ran out. Livia lost her money and had to sell the royal jewels of Pokrovia (but had perfect copies made), all except for a pink diamond ring that she hid in her wig (Livia's revealed to be completely bald). The diamond ring Livia hid in her wig has directions to a letter her sister, Sophia, wrote and hid in the royal castle in Pokrovia, a letter that would prove that Livia murdered her.

After Livia and Sidonia were caught by the Irregulars, they took a plane to Moscow. Ananka says that they were last seens sunbathing at the palatial summer home of well-known Russian gangster.

It's unknown who Livia's husband/Sidonia's father was, as he's never mentioned in any of the books, so it can be assumed that Livia and Sidonia's father are either divorced or she's a widow.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Livia, like her daughter, is cruel and will do anything she needs (even kill) to get what she wants. She wears perfect wigs shhhhhh, it's a secret.