Kiki was born a Pokrovia princess and originally named Katarina. Her life changed completely when her evil Aunt Livia poisoned her family, so she could gain the throne of Pokrovia. The poison that almost killed Kiki took the color from her hair and skin and left her allergic to most food(except for Café au lait and gruel), and effectively orphaned the young girl.  After this near death experience, Kiki and her guardian Verushka Kozlova fled to New York for safety purposes.  Kiki had a good relationship with Verushka because she raised her as a child. Verushka taught her a wide variety of skills, including many languages, martial arts, and the use of weapons.

When Kiki was young, Verushka tried to keep her past a secret, but Kiki discovered the truth in Verushka's journal. Learning of Livia's first attempt at murder and that the secret of Verushka's innocence was inscribed on a ring, she conspired to use the Shadow City and the Irregulars to steal the ring and learn the truth.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kiki is very short and appears almost albino, due to being poisoned as an infant. She's described by Ananka to have a "vampire queen" kind of beauty. Many people referred to her as an elf or leprechaun. Although she doesn't grow much taller, Ananka notes towards the end of Inside the Shadow City, "Somehow she looked older than fourteen. Her colorless hair fell past her shoulders and her face had lost its elfin appearance. With her translucent skin and dramatic cheekbones, she was bewitchingly beautiful."

Kiki Strike and her vespa

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