Fille Fiable was a perfume created by Iris McLeod and Deedee Morlock somewhere between the Inside the Shadow City and the Empress's Tomb.


"Fille Fiable just makes people people trust you. If you give them a nose full, they're more willing to tell you their secrets - or believe whatever you tell them"

-Iris explains Fille Fiable

Fille Fiable is used to make it's user seem more trustworthy and reliable.


"Iris opened a cabinet and retrieved a silver serving tray. On top of it sat two crystal bottles filled with amber liquid"

- Ananka describes Fille Fiable and Eau Irresistible.

Fille Fiable was kept in a crystal bottle and was described as amber colored. It also smelled really badly, which made Oona say it should be called "Eau de BO".


"Then I read in the newspaper about these scientists in Switzerland who had come up with a spray that makes people seem trustworthy. When I told DeeDee about it, she offered to help me improve their formula."

- Iris explains her idea behind Fille Fiable

Fille Fiable contains a chemical called oxytocin, responsible for bonding between people. Fille Fiable was created after Iris read about a Swiss formula that used oxytocin by making it more powerful.