Eau Irresistible was a perfume created by Iris McLeod and DeeDee Morlock somewhere between the Inside the Shadow City and the Empress's Tomb.


"'We realised that with a few tweaks, our potion might have other uses. We haven't tested it yet, but if our calculations are correct, it should live up to its name.'

It's a love potion? Go ahead and spray a little here"

- DeeDee and Betty respectively talk about Eau Irresistible

Eau Irresistible was believed to work as a love potion, even though by the end of the second book it is proven to do nothing.


"Iris opened a cabinet and retrieved a silver serving tray. On top of it sat two crystal bottles filled with amber liquid"

- Ananka describes Eau Irresistible and Fille Fiable

Eau Irresistible was kept in a crystal bottle and was described as amber colored. It also smelled "like feet", like Betty said.

Connection with Betty and Kaspar's relationshipEdit

"Why else would Kaspar help us? I feel bad, even if he's a criminal. It's like I'm taking advantage of him."

- Betty questions the reasons why Kaspar volunteered to help them.

After Betty tested Eau Irresistible and ended up having most of it spilled on her, the Irregulars met Kaspar on Morningside park. There, he volunteered to watch over Cecilia Varney's mansion with one condition: Betty having dinner with him. She accepted, feeling guilty for manipulating him. Altrough the book, Betty falls in love with Kaspar and is very sad, thinking he only likes her because of the perfume. However, at the end of the book, when she reveals to him that's the reason of his crush on her he tells Betty that he fell in love when he saw her before the Eau Irresistible accident.