Deedee Morlock


12 (inside the Shadow City), 14 (the Darkness Dwellers)


Unknown mother and Unknown university professor father

Occupation on the Irregulars


Eye Color


Hair color


First Appearance

Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City

Personal LifeEdit

DeeDee Morlock is an incredibly talented chemist. She is very clumsy, but very kind and shy. She is the daughter of a chemistry professor..

She is the scientist of the group, and during the course of the series crafts many clever concoctions, including several explosives, Morlock's Miracle Mixture and Fille Fiable.

Physical DescriptionEdit

When Ananka first saw DeeDee on a Girl Scout meeting, DeeDee had dreadlocks and one of the sides of her hair was several inches shorter then the other. After the accident she suffered on Shadow City caused by her explosives, she got a long scar across her forehead. All her clothes are stained and worn out, but judging by the picture of her, she's very pretty.


Oona WongEdit

"'Lower your voice. It's too early for shouting' Of all of us, DeeDee had the leat patience for Oona's outbursts. 'Let Ananka finish for once, would you?'"

- DeeDee replies to Oona shouting.